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Mosaic Cultural History and Today

mosaic history culture and tile manufacturer China supplier today

Mosaic originally means: mosaic, mosaic pattern, mosaic process. It originated in ancient Greece. The marble mosaics of the early Greeks were most often matched with black and white. Only authoritative rulers and rich people can afford craftsmen and materials to express this luxurious art. In the late Greek mosaics, artists began to need smaller fragments and cut small stones to complete a mosaic in order to diversify their works.

By the time of Rome, mosaics had developed very widely. The floors and walls of common houses and public buildings were decorated with mosaics, which made Rome look so rich at that time and made ancient Rome's architecture incredibly luxurious.

The golden age of mosaics originated from the arrival of early Christians in Rome, who were persecuted and could only meet in basement and other passages. Since most of the people are illiterate, glass mosaic murals describing the story of Jesus Christ are on the walls of these basements.

Constantine the Great was the Roman emperor who legalized Christianity and vigorously promoted it. The churches in Constantinople (Byzantium) were decorated and beautified with a large number of mosaics. More and more colors were used, and gold foil was burned in transparent glass. The characteristic of Sicilian mosaic is the golden bottom. This Byzantine period almost equals the word mosaic.

Mainly used for wall and floor decoration. Because mosaic has a small unit area, a wide variety of colors and an infinite combination mode, it can vividly display the designer's shape and design inspiration, and show its unique artistic charm and personality. Widely used in hotels, hotels, bars, stations, swimming pools, entertainment venues, home walls and floors, as well as artistic Patchwork and so on.

The mosaic now a day, the materials come from more options. It caused the designs of the mosaic can be more individual and the cost range from economic to deluxe. The usage of the mosaic becomes more popular. Because more and more demand of the mosaic, Foshan Artgres Mosaic, as the witness of the Mosaic tile line’s developing, starting it’s mosaic business since 2006. Basic on the passed 13 years cooperation with the customers coming from different areas. More and more demand brings more and more designs. Like Foshan Artgres Mosaic, there are now more then 3500 regular collections in showroom. Including the ideal shower room mosaic, kitchen backsplash, hotel tile, cafe mosaic, swimming pool mosaic, TV background wall tiles, glass mosaic, swimming pool mosaic tiles, hotel decoration, hotel project, swimming pool tile, swimming pool project, hotel decoration materials, hotel lobby, hotel lobby decorative material, hotel bathroom material, hotel wall tile, lobby decoration, bathroom design, shower room tile, bathroom tile, bathroom wall decoration, border, glass border, stone border, wall tile, wall mosaic, kitchen tile, kitchen backsplash liner, office building, USA style mosaic, Italian style mosaic, popular mosaic, High quality glass decorative material, office decorative tile. The mosaic tile now is using widely for different requirement. 

China has the main suppliers of the mosaic. Such as Foshan Artgres Mosaic, as one of a main China mosaic manufacturer and China mosaic supplier, Foshan Artgres Mosaic now is supplying different kinds of mosaic tiles. As the stone mosaic manufacturer, metal mosaic manufacturer, swimming pool mosaic manufacturer, glass mosaic factory, mosaic tile factory, mosaic tile manufacturer, Chinese mosaic wholesaler, Foshan Artgres mosaic keeps standard of a top quality mosaic factory, top quality mosaic manufacturer, top quality mosaic tile supplier in China, trying his best to bring mosaic tiles into more areas of the decoration to meet different taste requirements. Making mosaics more and more popular.

View the mosaic models today, you will find the developing of the mosaic, comparing with the using in the history, the mosaics tiles now have more options and more wider range of use. You can view www.artgres.com to have  more ideas of the mosaic models now a day.



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