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Mosaic tile advantages

Mosaic Metal Porcelain Color

1, the mosaic can be rich in shower room, living room, and other spaces, colorful, itself is still a very good ornament.

2, personalized decoration is the most good to change is the mosaic, compact body, varied specifications, rich colors, free to mix the crystal glass mosaic can play to the extreme, and it can be combined with other types of mosaic Mixing, such as the combination of Symphony (Pearl Light) glass mosaic, Venus line glass mosaic, cloud glass mosaic and so on. Because it has too many combinations, it is possible to satisfy all of their own styles and personalities and all the ideas they love according to the designer's creativity, so that the satisfaction of the heart comes to life.

3, crystal glass mosaic what specifications can be made, commonly used specifications are 20 * 20mm, 25 * 25mm, 50 * 50mm, 100 * 100mm, etc., now according to market needs and 10 * 10mm, this small size is mainly used Come to fight murals and various patterns and patterns, exquisite and beautiful, beautifully inlaid on the wall, or in the pool, adding an artistic atmosphere. In addition, there are round, diamond-shaped, and used to make the wall long strip. In addition, its thickness is generally 4mm, but now it is produced according to user needs, 60mm, 80mm thickness. Now mainstream home decoration decoration popular 25*25*4mm 30*30 this file specification.


4, anti-radiation, high temperature, no water absorption. It has the advantages of soft color, simple, elegant, elegant appearance, chemical stability, good thermal stability. Its compressive strength, tensile strength, blooming temperature, water resistance and acid resistance should meet the national standards. Including crystal glass mosaic, Venus glass mosaic, pearl glass mosaic, cloud glass mosaic, metal mosaic, etc. 5, non-slip: the mosaic will not slip, is a small combination of particles, there are many gaps, anti-slip than tiles.

6, a wide range of applications: hotels, restaurants, halls, science and technology museums, theaters, TV towers, kindergartens, playgrounds (horror houses), swimming pools, baths, Huatai Water Margin, courtyard pavilions, Temple Court Temple, dance hall, Disco ballroom, ice skating Fields, bars, clubs, floors, walls, gymnasiums, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, balconies, corporate image trademarks, spellings, etc., especially in the darker nights and in indoor walls and floors. In the application, the illuminating effect is more prominent. In the design and construction, if the auxiliary matching purple light, energy-saving lamp and fluorescent lamp are targeted for illumination, the building itself will have the feeling of crystal clear and transparent of jade and jade after the light is turned off. It is transparent and transparent, and the night is added to the building itself. Extraordinary mystery and unlimited romance.

Due to the zero water absorption of the crystal glass mosaic, it is most suitable for the decoration of the wall and floor of the swimming pool, bathroom, kitchen, etc., and because of the small size of the mosaic, it can be put into a beautiful color, gradient and pattern of various colors.